Penis Envy – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

Penis Envy – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

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Penis Envy Bar is a psychedelic chocolate bar that combines the earthy and unique flavor of portobello mushrooms with the zest and tang of lemon zest. The result is fun, playful, and delicious. Perfect for a celebration or just because!

Experience chocolate like you’ve never experienced chocolate before! Mushroom Penis Envy is a psychedelic bar that will open your mind and melt away all thoughts of the modern world. It’s a mind-expanding, whimsical trip back to the 1960s when psychedelics ruled.

This decadent chocolate bar is a psychedelic trip to the happy place with hints of juniper, pine, and mushroom. With ingredients like orange oil and lavender, eating this chocolate is as relaxing as it looks.

Penis Envy Bar For Sale Online | Psychedelicranger (PS)

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penis envy bar
penis envy bar

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Buy Penis Envy Chocolates Online available in different flavors: Strawberry Cream and Passion Fruit Cream. Each order comes with a customized box that can be personalized by buyers to match their celebrations. penis envy mushrooms, true story of the penis, story of the penis envy, the penis envy mushroom, mushroom pills usa, penis envy chocolate bar.

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