Amazonian – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

Amazonian – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

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Amazonian—Psychedelic Chocolate Bar is the ideal choice for that hardcore chocoholic in your life. This psychedelic chocolate bar uses real organic mushrooms to create a wild, hippy-inspired psychedelic experience. Give it as a gift, or just enjoy it yourself and enjoy an authentic, organic chocolate trip.

Taking inspiration from the magic of psilocybin, Mushroom brings you a chocolate bar that’s as deliciously exotic as its namesake. The dark chocolate has been infused with psilocybin mushroom powder, which triggers introspection and promotes personal exploration. This limited edition chocolate makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves psychedelic journeys – or simply knows someone who does!

A psychedelic trip of chocolate. A fine selection of our sliced cacao beans, blended with sugar and cacao butter, and rich dark chocolate. As the name suggests, it’s smooth to get high off these chocolate bars.

Buy Mushroom Amazonian – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar for Sale Online. The mushroom was used by the Amazonians in ages past for its mysterious qualities, now available in chocolate. wild chocolate bar, obsessions: wild chocolate, wild chocolate podcast, wild chocolate amazon, luisa abram chocolate, askinosie white chocolate, askinosie coconut milk chocolate, single origin chocolate sampler.

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Amazonian Bar is a 100% Organic, Gluten Free, and dairy free vegan protein bar made from whole plant foods. It

amazonian bar
amazonian bar

contains no added sugars, no soy allergens, and contains only 6 ingredients.

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