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Mazatapec Mushrooms

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The mazatapec mushrooms is a species of fungus in the Boletaceae (penny bun) family. It is most commonly used by people who need to feel energized and awake. This type of medicinal mushroom will enhance energy, reduce fatigue, boost immune system, increase longevity and resistance to disease, while helping regulate the stress response and cortisol levels.

The Mazatapec mushroom is a rare strain of psychedelic mushroom species. They are native to the Sierra Mazateca region in Mexico and were first discovered during the 1950s. Because they are so sought after, they are also know as “spiritual mushrooms” and have been used as a religious sacrament in traditional ceremonies within the Mazatec people for centuries.

Mazatapec is named for a district of Mexico where it was first discovered. After carefully studying their appearance and habitat, scientists believe that Mazatapec mushrooms are relatives of chanterelles, but with a different chemical makeup and flavor profile. Unlike the pale yellow color that you see in most similar mushrooms, Mazatapec mushrooms have an amazing bright orange color. This mushroom is often used in Mexican cuisine and can serve as an option for those who are sensitive to gluten.

A mushroom that grows wild in the mountains of Mexico. It is a superfood, known to contain medicinal properties that can help maintain your health and energize your body. Maztapec has been used for centuries in traditional medicine within many cultures throughout Latin America.

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mazatapec mushrooms
mazatapec mushrooms

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Mazatapec mushrooms are the prized little mushrooms used in traditional Mexican cuisine that are native to the Mazatecan Highlands of Central Mexico. They are easily recognizable because they have a silky sheen and smooth texture that is quite unique. The flavor is more complex than regular shiitake (they taste like almonds), with a savory, slightly sweet finish. A popular way to enjoy them is simmered in chicken broth and blended into a creamy broth that’s served over rice. Because they lose their moisture when dehydrated, these mushrooms can last for years if stored properly.

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