Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis Envy Mushrooms

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The Penis Envy mushrooms is a rare, luminous, and large-spore mushroom found in North America. Unlike most mushrooms that grow in soil, this one prefers the lush carpets of clover and grasses that grow around stumps and logs. The Penis Envy has a wide variety of uses, such as a superb food source as well as an agent of pest control. The large spore balls that form on these naughty little guys are often used to make fireworks—some communities even hold partying contests with them during the spring season! With this mushroom, ya get what ya give: plenty.

Penis Envy mushrooms are native to Australia and New Zealand. Like most wild mushrooms, Penis Envy contains a number of compounds with hallucinogenic properties. This majestic mushroom can also be used to make a great dinner dish!

Perfect for any mushroom lover, this Penis Envy mushroom is the perfect gift for a man in your life. The charming little guy will bring a smile to his face and keep him company on his desk at work.

Penis Envy Mushrooms (Dried Mushrooms) For Sale | Psychedelicranger (PS).

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Penis Envy Mushrooms
Penis Envy Mushrooms

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Penis Envy Mushroom are unique to the environment in which they grow. These mushrooms are known for their good taste and strength, as well as for having a feeling of euphoria. The Penis Envy strain is characterized by a fruity flavor with hints of lemon and pepper, but there may also be some earthy flavors at times. The effects are relaxed yet uplifting – perfect for when you want to take the edge off while still feeling grounded afterwards. penis envy mushroom spores, penis envy mushroom effects, albino penis envy, penis envy shrooms, mushrooms penis envy, penis envy mushroom strain, grow penis envy, envy mushrooms penis.

They are high quality, wild mushrooms that are shaped like a male penis. Penis Envy Mushrooms are used to enhance sexual pleasure and ignite long lost passion in carriages that have become bored in the bedroom. Penis Envy Mushrooms have been known to give women multiple orgasms and leave their men begging for more! Buy dried mushrooms for sale today!


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