Mescaline Capsules

Mescaline Capsules

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Mescaline Capsules


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Mescaline is a hallucinogen obtained from the a small, spineless cactus Peyote (Lophophora williamsi). Mescaline is used primarily as a recreational drug and is also used to supplement various types of meditation and psychedelic therapy. Mescaline Capsules buy.

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Product Description

Buy Mescaline Capsules Online.

Mescaline Capsules are a psychedelic drug and entheogen of the phenethylamine family. It is the principal alkaloid found in peyote and other cacti in the genus Lophophora, including Echinopsis lageniform, San Pedro, etc. The mescaline molecule is closely related to amphetamines, but its effects are considered by some to be more similar to those of psychedelic drugs, such as LSD or psilocybin mushrooms.

Each capsule of Mescaline features about 200 mg of pure mescaline hydrochloride. Mescaline, also known as Peyote and Buttons, is found primarily in Mexico and the southwestern United States. The most common way to consume mescaline is by eating its source plant.

Mescaline Capsules Benefits.

Experience pure, uncut mescaline in premium quality capsules. This natural mind-altering substance offers a variety of benefits that include increased energy and mood, enhanced creativity and productivity, improved visual acuity, and faster reaction time.

Benefit is a natural supplement that can help to improve your health. This unique formula provides a new level of mental clarity and energy. Mescaline is a psychedelic compound found in the peyote cactus and other species of the genus Lophophora. They are a powerful form of mescaline, containing over 85% pure alkaloid. These capsules can help induce vivid hallucinations and cause a pronounced state of euphoria that lasts for several hours.

Mescaline Capsules For Sale | Psychedelicranger.

Buy Mescaline Capsules Online. Mescaline is a naturally occurring psychedelic drug and is produced from peyote cactus or San Pedro cactus. It is found in various parts of the world: Mexico, Dali, Peru, and the United States of America. Also known as trichocereus bridgesii, mescaline was first isolated from the psychedelic cactus in 1897 by German researchers, E. Merck and W. Jacobsohn who named it from an old German word for “plant” – Mescal.

Buy Mescaline Capsules Online. We offer a wide range of psychedelics including LSD, DMT, psilocybin, and more. Shop now!

Find out what Mescaline Capsules are, their benefits, and where to buy them online. Mescaline is a psychedelic hallucinogenic cactus alkaloid responsible for giving the ritualistic brew called “tequila” its psychoactive effect.

Mescaline is a psychedelic drug that can produce hallucinogenic effects when taken. These psychoactive effects are primarily the result of its affinity for the serotonin (5-HT) receptor, particularly in areas of the brain that are rich in these receptors.

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