Deadhead Chemist DMT (Cartridge) .5mL

Deadhead Chemist DMT (Cartridge) .5mL

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Deadhead Chemist DMT (Cartridge) .5mL is a high quality Ecstasy substitute, produced using only pure, naturally occurring ingredients. It is manufactured with the highest-quality sourcing materials, ensuring that each and every product meets our strict standards for safety and potency. The DMT comes in the form of a medium brown colored cigarette filter that is designed for use with rolling papers or bubblers.

The Deadhead Chemist DMT cartridge has a very natural and unrefined taste (this is normal as it is pure). If you’re craving that infamous plant magic, look no further than the Deadhead Chemist. No additives, no pesticides or fillers.

Deadhead Chemist DMT (Cartridge) .5mL Benefits.

Deadhead Chemist DMT (Cartridge) is a serious medicine for the most experienced of psychonauts. This elegant cartridge is made by Deadhead Chemist and can be used with any 510 thread battery or mod. With this cartridge you will not only experience the most intense of psychedelic experiences but also break through to other realms outside our universe altogether.

Deadhead Chemist DMT (Cartridge) .5mL is a premium extract made from water and an all natural, organic oil that promotes relaxation and clarity.

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Deadhead Chemist DMT (Cartridge) .5mL
Deadhead Chemist DMT (Cartridge) .5mL

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